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Repairing My…..

Repairing my soul-100% complete

Repairing my heart-75% processing

Repairing my trust -28% still processing

When I reach 285% I will be ready to move on, trust takes a little longer because it’s earned not just given

I'm making sure I keep track of my own accountability so when I have a fresh new table to start off with I’m giving my all and will not except anything less from myself or others

I don’t know about anyone else but I love being in love

I love to hear I love you from my mate and to feel like they love me

Don’t ever say I love you unless You mean it

Don’t assume they love you unless they say it and show it

We tend to throw that word around as if we’re just saying hi how are you but that is a strong word that we need to be sure that’s how we feel before we say it have, empathy for someone’s heart that you may be breaking if you truly do not love that person

I am not ready to say I love you yet because it will be a lie but when I say it you will know it is the truth I’m not ready to say it yet because sometimes being in love is very scary specially when your heart has been broken so that is definitely going to take time but I must say yes if a person is being shown love it probably wouldn’t be so scary I don’t know I’m still working on it

Sorry when It gets a little quiet around here it makes me go into deep thought🥺

What I’m trying to say is I’m almost there


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