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The Heart of a Woman


Sometimes you have to fight for yourself! Many will not see your worth and want to take from you. This is when you enter the ring for the biggest match of your life, because it is your life. So fight for it. You can WIN!


Take the time to attend to yourself, love yourself,. Get a massage, a facial, nails and toes done. Drink a glass of wine listen to music that calms the soul. Take a day where you don't answer no calls. Every woman needs some me time to regroup. Order a meal make your own schedule if you want to sleep late sleep late, whatever you want to do, do it for you. Lavish your own self with gifts, look in the mirror tell yourself I LOVE you, you are gorgeous and beautiful inside and out. You are awesome, spectacular, amazing. Always take time for youself at least once a month, twice if necessary. Loving me is easy.Peace, tranquility. 

Pamper Yourself

You are stronger than you think


Keep fighting for yourself, your


life and your freedom, you are


worth it

Love Yourself

   The Mirror of Your Past is Gone Look Forward to Brightness of Your Future!
You Got This!!! You Win!!!



I Speak Life


I have decided today that I will not surround myself with negative thoughts or negative people. I will pamper myself and love myself. I will give myself affirmation of my beauty and walk with confidence in it. I am beautiful from the inside out. I can conquer anything I put my mind to. I will be a great wife and mother. If no one feels they would like to love me I will love myself enough and walk away until the right person comes along. I am respectful of myself at all times. I will not allow myself to get caught up in anything that makes me feel less than I am. I am a queen and will be treated as such. I will not let pride overtake me. I will not let no one steal my self esteem. I will tell myself daily I am a good person with a good heart. I will validate my self. I will not let anyones words have impact that will cause me to look down on myself. I am a jewel. I am a great woman. I am strong and empowered. I can do it all. I can finish school. I can go back to school. I can lead by example. I am encouraged to be the best me I can be. I am confident in knowing I will finish anything I start. I will make my visions and dreams a reality. I will reach my goals. I will start my business. I will take time for me. I am free from all the baggage. I will not let darkness consume my life. My past is my past and I will look forward to my future. I will not let anyone define me as a woman. I am deserving of happiness. I am secure in myself. I will not settle for less. I will take time for myself. I will not be afraid to love or receive love. I will strive to be a better me daily. I am strong. I am empowered. I am worthy of the wait. I will believe in myself. I  will value my gems and not give them up so freely. I will speak life to myself daily. I will love my best self.


I am Strength

I am Power

I am More than Enough

Let's Be Supportive

Traffic Long Exposure

New              Beginnings

Say to Yourself I am Traveling a New Road and I will stay the Course

Prayer Changes things and People

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Wavy Net
Wavy Net
Wavy Net
Pregnancy Photoshoot
Sleeping Newborn
lack woman pregnant 7.13.19.jpg

When a mother first hear the words (your pregnant) all kinds of emotions come from the announcement. Those emotions are guided by the circumstance or the present state you were in or even the relationship. Some of the emotions are pure joy and excitement, other times it’s the response of this can’t be and sometimes it’s just plain numbness. Not realizing that it is a blessing to be carrying such a jewel.

Yet we have to look at the reasons for some of the not so great response to pregnancy. If the baby was conceived as an act of rape how do you process those emotions? What about living in a domestic violence situation and you know in your heart it’s not an environment to raise a child. Or how about a one night stand and you know the person would never or has even told you that they do not want any kids. Or what about a marriage that is falling apart and headed to a nasty divorce and the child becomes the pon on a chess board, what about a baby that was the result of an affair.

Women are left with such a heavy weight when it comes to pregnancy that I really don’t think we consider all that goes along with being pregnant. It’s not just finding out, now it’s the body change, you have to eat right,  there are sometimes complications, family history illnesses that pop up in the pregnancy. How do you deal with it, who do you talk to? Where do you really go to get the answers that you need? How do you prepare?

We are task with such a great honor to be able to mold the individual growing inside making acquaintances and connecting with the unborn child. However the stress of pregnancy can take on a life of its own and we never consider that we are not prepared for the curve balls of pregnancy.

Did we really understand gestational diabetes, did we really understand the importance of eating right and not smoking. Did we really understand the importance of not gaining weight too fast? Did we really understand being in a stressful relationship could cause strain on the pregnancy? Did we really understand the way our womb is position can cause problems? Did we understand endometriosis and being pregnant? Did we understand fibroids?  Did we really understand how close to death we could be just to bring a life into this world?

In those 9 months life happens. The changes take place but in those nine months heartache can happen just as quickly as the announcement of being pregnant.

What do you do when you are pregnant in your fallopian tubes? What do you do when you have multiple miscarriages because your womb is tilted and you can’t hold the baby? What do you do when you learn of the sex and you wait for that beautiful face to arrive but the heart stops its beat, and you have to deliver the baby that is not alive anymore? What do you do when your fibroids are smothering the child you are carrying? What do you do when there is a need for an emergency c- section because the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck?

There are so many pressures in being pregnant; post partum depression is real for mothers. We as women take on a lot and we consume a lot. Just being a woman is a job within itself but when you add the elements of being pregnant and the scariness that goes along with it; along with the excitement it can cause you to lose your mind.

In our grief in losing a child we need to talk about it as hard as it seems and I am not telling you something I think I’m telling you something I know. This could cause you to lose your mind and no one unless they have experienced it will understand what you are going through and it doesn’t matter the age it is still painful. Your body has been repositioned to hold precious cargo and all that is left is the body that reflects what you were holding. Your emotions go into overdrive you blame yourself, you ask the questions why me, you become angry and sad at the same time, you want to die yourself, you feel less than a woman, your thoughts consumes you in this process. What do I do now?

It takes a strong woman to fight for herself. Sometimes other children help you get through but when you don’t have other children it’s a fight that is never ending. You say to yourself, there are woman who abuse their babies and God took mine, why? Ladies the struggle is real. It is a battle that affects every woman differently but what I can say, is you can’t deny the pain in losing a child that is one area that could cause you to lose your mind literally.

I want you to evaluate all that we as woman go through in the stages of pregnancy, let’s share our hurts ups and down ins and outs all the complications, the denials from the men, the rejection, the making you feel bad because after the baby is born your body has changed.


Let us love ourselves back to ourselves let nothing or no one make us feel less than in this time. We are women who carry a lot just being a woman. Let us find strength in that.

Wavy Net
Wavy Net
Wavy Net

Who Is She?

A Event that will help women discover "Who She Is? We walk around but do you really know Who She Is? Have you truly found her. Keep your eyes open for this great one day event coming.

If you would like to be a part send us an Email:

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