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Singlehood and How to Wait

Singlehood and waiting for the right one

Growing as a young child the idea of marriage and children were prevalent throughout my upbringing.

Born into a Christian based family we are taught specific principals. Those principals were surrounded by marriage, faith and family.

I was successfully able to carry on with the faith an family but marriage is an issue that continuously appears.

As a single woman with no children 39 years of age you are constantly approached with these questions. " Why are you single? What are you waiting on to have children?" Well, the truth is if I had the answer to those questions I'd probably not be in my current scenario.

There were many days I beat myself up because I desire to have children and marriage but wasn't successful. I have been involved in long lasting relationships on the strength of not wanting to start over due to fear or just the act of getting to allow someone in my personal space.

Today I can successfully say that I am open to whatever course God has chosen for me. I am blessed with 5 beautiful nieces and nephews and a host of loving friends. Not having children or being married doesn't define the woman that I am, it gives me time needed for God to use me in my current capacity. It is extremely important for all women dealing with the same situation to not pressure yourself nor allow other to pressure you. You are a precious gem and waiting while God prepares you for the next chapter of life allows you to spend more time focusing on him and loving the woman he created you to be. I do believe it's worth the wait!

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